MARKER KINGPIN 13 Visa större


En kraftfull bindning med bred monteringsyta som lämpar sig extra väl för breda skidor. Den kraftiga fjädern med DIN 5-13 räcker med god marginal även för en tyngre åkare.

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KINGPIN is a PinTech binding with TÜV-certification based on DIN ISO 13992:2007. It brings together the decades of experience of MARKER's engineers combined with our vast experience with touring and the personal feedback from our touring team and mountain guides. The KINGPIN naturally also has a defined release point. It functions reliably in all skiing and crash situation, with an active length compensation feature to ensure proper hold or release when the ski is flexed strongly. As one of the first PinTech bindings, KINGPIN delivers consistent release values compatible with inspections on standard release testing devices.

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