Stabil pjäxa med skal i Grilamid® och skaft i Pebax® föstärkt med kolfiber. Fyra aluminiumspännen med stålvajer som alla kan justeras indivuellt. Mycket goda åkegenskaper. Lämpad för touring med 60° rörlighet i gåläget. Vibram® gummisula. Förberedd för Tech, AT och Skitrab TR2.
Vikt: 1480 g

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+ G-Shell - super compact: only 303 mm in length, size 27.5. The lightweight, Grilamid ski boot is reduced in thickness and weight without compromising the overall performance. The cuff offers freedom of movement and the innovative Rear Diffuser ensures greater stability and security of the ankle when the shell is closed in the forward position.

+ The Dual-Axis Cuff ™ consists of two synergic elements: 1) a Pebax double density hood and Climbing System Control ™ double hook which provides control of lateral stability and increases the range of motion of the ankle in the uphill phase; 2) the Vertebra Technology ™ patented locking system loaded carbon: a structural part of the boot, facilitates the transmission of downhill power thanks to the exceptional flex. The addition of an asymmetrical rear spoiler allows to fine tune the boot and the position of the foot in the shell.

+ Walking Profile: the bi-axial leg portion provides 60 ° range of motion and the configuration of the shell in line with the ISO 9

Shell: Grilamid®
Spoiler: Marfram
Vertreba: Carbon Reinforced Grilamid® 
Tongue: Grilamid®
Flex: 125
Buckle Closures: 4 + Booster Dynamic Power Strap®
Range of motion: 60°
Sizes: 25 - 31½ (mondo point in half sizes)
Binding compatibility: Tech, AT, Skitrab TR2
Outsole: Vibram®
Weight: 1480 g (½ pair, sire 27.5)

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