• Antal fästpunkter: 10 
  • Skostorlekar: 36-46 
  • Certifiering(s): CE EN 893, UIAA 
  • Material(s): aluminum, stål, rostfritt stål, nylon, Dyneema® 
  • Förvaringsväska medföljer

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  • Excellent balance between performance, technicality and weight:
    - steel front piece gives traction on ice
    - aluminum heel piece to minimize crampon weight (540 g with included ANTISNOW)
  • Very compact: 
    - CORD-TEC flexible linking system optimizes volume of crampons when packed in their bag (included)
    - tool-free length adjustment
  • LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL binding: works with all glacier travel, mountaineering and ski touring footwear with a heel welt; its components (FIL or FIL FLEX) allow it to fit the front part of any boot (with or without a welt)

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